Adoptable Dogs


Name: Bella

Age: Approximately 8 Years Old

Sex: Female

Breed: Pitbull

Weight: 55 Pounds

Bella is our new senior girl to the rescue! This sweet girl came to us via an owner surrender with Louie. Sadly, she was neglected (spent most of her time in the basement with Louie) and we also think abused. However, this girl has just blossomed since coming to us and going to her foster home. Even though she has lived with Louie, they are not a bonded pair and we have found that they are actually better apart. Bella is house trained, knows basic commands, up to date on vaccines, and is spayed. She loves everyone she meets, furry friends too! Because Bella is a little older, she needs a home that is quiet, and relaxing. She would do well with a dog pal who isn’t overly energetic. She is very happy curled up with you on a Friday night watching TV or taking a leisurely walk together.

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Name: Prince

Age: Appx. 1.5

Sex: Male

Breed: Pitbull

Weight: 70 Pounds

Meet Prince!!! One of our new pals to PPP has some things he wants to say! “Hi Everyone! My name is Prince, and I am around 1.5! My owner couldn’t care for me anymore so he reached out to PPP and they came and got me. I didn’t get to play much, and had to spend a lot of time in a crate, but now I get to stretch my legs and do all kinds of fun stuff with my foster family! The first couple weeks I was spending a lot of time doing something called decompression…I dunno I guess it’s good for us new guys to do! I got to smell everyone and learn all the stuffs in my foster home. Now that that is over, its PARTY TIME…I mean maybe not PARTY but Pawty? I’m going for lots of walks, meeting new friends on two legs and four, and LOVING my life! I like my crate better, I don’t have accidents, and I am learning all kinds of commands. I went to the vet and had some surgery that doesn’t make me wants to make puppies and I feel FABULOUS (I was little err… hormonal before and thought all the ladies loved me… whoops)!!! I got all my shots, and I was such a good boy! So now all I have to do is find my forever home! I love to snuggle, I love to play, I love to adventure, I love to love, I love it all! So, go ahead, go to and fill out an application for me and let’s have a fun life together!!!! P.S. As you can see I am quite…ummm… expressive so you should probably like to take pictures and laugh because I promise it only gets better!!!

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Name: Cowboy

Age: Appx. 2.5

Sex: Male

Weight: Appx. 65 Pounds

Breed: Pitbull

This Southern Gentleman is heading north very soon!! Cowboy was found in Texas, beaten, on the side of the road under a bush. He was rescued, nursed back to health, and is now coming up in hopes to find his forever family! He is great with other dogs, and is often the one to help the scared dogs fit in. Cowboy is good with people as well but does need a couple minutes to sniff out men (we are pretty sure he was abused by a man based on this behavior). Cowboy is neutered, and up to date on his vaccines. He will be going into a foster home when he arrives so we will be learning a lot more about him. His southern foster reports that “He is extremely social with both people and other dogs. He’s very obedient and is extremely sensitive to correction. He desperately wants to do what pleases you. He’s super affectionate and is happy to crawl right up in your lap. And like any good street dog, he is very grateful. He doesn’t bark and patiently waits his turn. He doesn’t jump. Very treat motivated and very smart. He’s a kind dog. That’s kinda weird, but he is kind and gentle. Medium energy, but enjoys a good romp.”

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Name: Louie

Age: Approximately 4 Years Old

Sex: Male

Breed: Pitbull/Boxer Mix

Weight: Appx. 60 Pounds

Meet Louie! Louie came to PPP with Bella, as an owner surrender. This boy spent most of his life with Bella in a basement. Louie is house trained, knows basic commands, and is settling in very well. This sweet boy loves everyone he meets!!! He does need slow introductions due to being unsocialized. Even though he was with Bella his entire life, they were not bonded and has actually done better apart.

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Name: Bruno

Age: 2 years

Sex: Male

Breed: Heeler/Hound/Terrier Mix

Meet Bruno! This sweet boy is officially the first pup that our rescue has taken in. Bruno came to us from another rescue who felt he needed a little more time to work on those puppy manners and impulses. So, he is in Puppy Camp learning the ropes! Bruno is crate and house trained. He has learned his basic commands, and is currently working on his leash skills as well. Bruno has been playing well with other dogs while in Puppy Camp. He is not a fan of kitties. Bruno is such a loving boy. He loves to rough house and play with other dogs, but also just loves to relax. He could be the best walking/hiking partner but will also snuggle with you when you want that too. He gets along with dogs of all sizes, but does need a controlled introduction because he is a puppy and still mastering those pesky manners. Bruno would prefer a low traffic home without children. 

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