Adoption Information

Thank you for taking the time to consider adopting one of our dogs! Our process for adopting one of our dogs starts with filling out our adoption application. Please take time doing this because it gives us a better understanding of who you are and what type of dog may fit your family. Once your adoption application is completed, our adoption coordinator will reach out to you. Please understand that we are an all-volunteer rescue, so it may take up to 72 hours for you to receive a response. We will get back to you, we promise!

Once you hear from our adoption coordinator, you can expect to schedule a home visit. This is a
mandatory part of our process, but only takes about a half hour of your time. During this time, we will discuss ways to welcome your new family member into your home and review improvements that may help make the transition an easy one.

Please note that completing the application and home visit process, does not mean that you are
obligated to adopt with us. It just means that you are working through the process to be approved for a new family member. If we do not have a furry friend that interests you right now, don’t worry! Unless there are changes with your family and/or home, this process will not have to be repeated.

Please note, at this time our dogs may only be adopted by Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut residents.

So…. let’s get started!

Please download and save the adoption application to your computer (you may need to enable editing) and email it to or fill in the form below!