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Ozzie (Ryan as a little puppy) started his first week of puppy preschool this week!!


happy back school everyone!! 🍎✏️✂️📝


Sometimes you need to turn a negative into a positive





You know who you are 👀📸


What’s the biggest KILLER of our beloved pets today?

Obesity. Yup…YOU making your pet fat to make yourself feel better. Our pets are dependent on us for their nutritional needs. You are responsible for keeping your pet healthy and that means being mindful of their food intake.

‘According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 53% of adult dogs and 55% of cats in the US are obese or overweight.’

Read that again. OVER HALF of dogs and cats in the US are OBESE. Is that not alarming???

Don’t be mad at your vet or dog trainer for telling you your animal is fat. They are doing their job! They spoke up because they do CARE. They are professionals that have your and your animal’s best interest in mind. They want to help.

Fat cats and dogs are NOT cute. They are in serious trouble. If your pet is overweight or obese, it can cause arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, certain cancers, heart and respiratory disease, and other problems. By doing nothing, you are taking years off the life of the pet you claim to love so much.

Check out the scale below. If you think your pet is overweight, ask your vet or trainer for help.


Tell me a joke


I want to be this dog’s friend



Limited space is available for the Poses for Pups event August 10th at 2pm! Buy your tickets ASAP or you’ll be namaSTAYING home. 🐶🧘🏻‍♀️

** all Ticket sales go direct to the dogs in the care of Patra’s Pitty Project

***all yoga levels welcome to join; from the never been, to watch me do the handstand scorpion pose

Share Facebook link here 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Buy tickets here 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼



🔸At 5:00am the temperature was 80° with a RealFeel of 85°.

🔸At 9:00am, the temperature is now 85° with a RealFeel of 94°.

❌ — AVOID Walking your dog on pavement.

• Consider a leash walk around your yard.

• Consider using Mushers Secret / kids socks / PAWZ paw balloon-booties if you Must take a BRIEF [10-minute] neighborhood stroll.

❌ — AVOID ANY off-leash romping. Period.

•Consider (DRIVING TO) a BRIEF [10-minute] On-Leash trail stroll if you personally are getting stir-crazy.

❌ — AVOID Excessive Swimming.

•Remember that you had to somehow get to that water… Meaning the clock has already started for time your dog has spent outside in the heat.

•Water Intoxication Is A Real Thing —

You could end up (unintentionally) doing more harm than good if you opt for water-fetch this weekend.

•Most places you’d consider taking your dog to swim are still in direct sunlight — The sun isn’t beating down any less when your dog is in the water.

❌ — AVOID bringing your pal on Any errands this weekend.

•Utilize Amazon Prime Now if you don’t like leaving them.

•Skip the errands 🤷🏼‍♀️

•Leave them at home.

[Unless the errand is medically-necessary for your dog, or unless they can go into the location with you]

❌ — FORGET (for this weekend), everything you’ve read and learned about the necessity for dogs to get enough exercise and socialization…

• Having two days off from outdoor exercise will keep your pal Healthier and Happier and Safer than rolling the dice / assuming it’s not actually all-that-bad out.

✅ PLEASE REMEMBER that a Brain-Workout is often Just as stimulating for young / rambunctious / high-energy / high-intelligence dogs.

✅ PLEASE CONSIDER looking into INDOOR exercise options for your dog, if the idea of a weekend off is concerning:

🔹Try out an INDOOR agility course with your pal

🔹 Check out a local INDOOR dog fitness center like NCRFC (or somewhere similar) that has water therapy

🔹 If your dog is GREAT on-leash, head to Home Depot where your dog is allowed to go in and shop with you

🔹 Create Your Own indoor agility course!

🔹 Hide treats and teach your dog to Find It

🔹 Play hide-and-seek with your dog

It might sound silly, but:

•it reinforces how good your pal is at “wait”ing

•it gets their brain working

•it gets You up and involved and having fun with them

•it teaches them some new commands, and

•it introduces you to a new party-trick that you and your pal can show off together in the future!

👍🏻 There are a SLEW of alternatives to outdoor exercise —

💔 Oppressive heat Can and Does kill dogs.

✨Let’s make sure we are ALL still happy, still healthy and still safe come Monday morning.

🙌🏻 Safety First, Friends 💛



Scandal is afoot at Patra’s Pitty Project


What color do you see?!


New ball, who dis

#newball #adoptharley



Missed you too boo


Louie and Bruno are getting ready for #SharkWeek!

Both of these handsome fellas are still looking for their forever homes




📣Please Remember that fireworks are super scary for our pets.

1. Make sure you have a plan for your pets so they don’t escape or get hurt.

2. If needed, consult with your Veterinarian for medication options.

3. Keep pets inside if possible- Stay with them as they use the bathroom.

4. Turn on the T.V. or radio to muffle the noise from outside.

5. Distract your pets by playing with them or by giving them their favorite toys.

6. Give them a safe place to relax and hide.

7. Have updated ID & chip information on your pet.

❤ Thank you, Love Auntie Maggs








Many believe prong collars are cruel and even injure a dog. The truth is, a properly fit prong collar is perfectly safe for a dog when used correctly by the trainer (that’s you!). It does not, and should not, inflict severe pain or choke the dog in any way, when used correctly.









Foster brothers Louie & Bruno❤

Showing support happy #PrideMonth

#teamLouie ❤





Check in tomorrow morning for an exciting announcement!!!




Patra wants to remind everyone it’s getting warm out there! ☀️☀️☀️ Leaving your pet in the car, even with the windows cracked, can be dangerous or deadly.☠️ Please leave pets at home while running errands. If you see a pet in a car on a warm day in distress please call the police ASAP.


Louie is ready to start this weekend off right!



Louie ❤ Looks like he’s about to spill all the juice in this interview!!🤣

TMZ will regret not booking him.😜



When you and your bestie do everything together🤣





They are there anyways, might as well put them to work 🤷🏻‍♀️


#teamnosleep from the bed hogs 🤣 Anyone else have a pup who demands to sleep in your bed?!?!


Louie aka Walter




“Here comes a potential adopter. Act natural “


#teamLouie 👅


Meet lovable and sweet Louie and his pals from Patra’s Pitty Project this Sunday, May 5 at Paws in the Park 2019! in Sudbury, MA. Take your picture with Louie that day and get $10 off at






“i found a really good stick today. but i chewed it too hard. and it broke in half. which was disappointing until my foster mom said i have two sticks now. today has been an emotional roller coaster.” -😩Louie







Muzzles are extremely misunderstood. Most people assume a dog wearing a muzzle must be aggressive. While some dogs do wear muzzles as a precaution, not all dog muzzles are used to prevent bites or aggressive behaviors.

Below are examples of why muzzles are a powerful, effective training tool:

  • Muzzles keep other people and animals safe
  • Dogs can be unpredictable in new situations with new friends and when facing new challenges
  • For dogs that are injured, sick or fearful, a muzzle can increase safety at the vet.
  • Muzzles keep other people feeling more relaxed
  • A muzzled dog means a bite is not possible. This puts others at ease.
  • Muzzles keep you, as the handler, more relaxed
  • Potentially dangerous situations are mitigated with a muzzle. This puts others at ease and the handler at ease. An added benefit for a relaxed handler is a relaxed dog!
  • For handlers that are less assertive about their dog’s need for space, a muzzle can be an extra “sign” to prevent people from approaching.
  • Muzzles keep your dog safe & happy
  • Muzzles teach your dog that touch can mean treats and trust.
  • Muzzles teach your dog to handle new social situations in a safe setting.
  • Muzzles can mean sports, games, and fun training time!
  • And most importantly, muzzles teach your dog that you will keep them safe!




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Can’t just have one


Cowboy enjoying quiet time with his foster mom❤

Our boy is still available for adoption. Cowboy is doggie friendly and a big sweetheart❤





Did you know?


Summer is almost here, watch out for those skunks! 🐶🤢




WARNING! WARNING! Explicit content below!! Louie runs naked in the backyard!


When you and your best friend want to suck up, all the wind from outside 🤣






Happy April fools day!


When the human hits the right spot 🐶💗🥰




Come meet the pups!


BBQ season is around the corner!


On Wednesday Bella had surgery to remove a large skin tag on her stomach and a smaller one on her neck. She also had Xrays of her back right knee and hips.

The xrays revealed that she does have arthritis in both legs. The right knee does have chips of bone floating around which is the main reason for her limping. At this point surgery isn’t a great option but we will manage the swelling and discomfort with medication.

While this is a chronic issue for Bella, it definitely isn’t effecting her quality of life. She loves to be out and about and playing with friends. Just no long walks for this senior gal.

She is doing amazing after surgery and is now 100% ready for her home! So if you are interested in adopting please contact us at!!

Also a special thank you to PAALS Inc. for awarding us with Kora’s Grant in February! Because of this grant Bella was able to get her surgery.



We are so excited to officially announce Freddy’s adoption!! This pup hit the jackpot with his new parents!! They have been working so much with him on his puppy training and also showering him with so much love!!

We are so happy for you all!!! Congratulations Galvin Family!!!!


Please acknowledge and know the differences in these types of dogs.. ALL are HIGHLY NEEDED and BENEFICIAL to their owners, but not all carry the same rights..


☘️Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Prince, Bella, and Louie ☘️

#adoptabledogs #patraspittyproject #rescuerehabadopt




We will see you TOMORROW at The Black Dog in Provincetown!! Come by and meet our adoptable Bella and get some shopping done! 20% of sales will be donated to PPP!!!


📣📣📣BREAKING NEWS!! HOT OFF THE PRESSES! 🗞 SCANDAL! SCANDAL! Bella has taken a lover!! 🐶🐶💗 AND he’s a celebrity! 😱 Bella has been seen around town with Herbie from Southie. What will their celebrity couple name be?? #Berbie? #Hella? Stay tuned to Patra’s Pitty Project for more on this breaking story!


This is a Public service announcement from your friends at Patra’s Pitty Project: cat gang violence is a real thing. Please join us to protect all the innocent dogs out there



Just a girl and her angel wings gracing the front page…..


Bella and prince rocking it at the adoption event this past Saturday 🐶


Prince and Bella were all dressed up for their adoption event at the black dog Chatham!


Bella would like to wish everyone a happy international women’s day!!


Coachella❤ ➡️Bechella👒

#teamBella 🔥






Lately we have been getting a lot of requests to help owners rehome their dogs due to their dog biting. When asked what happened the standard response is “It happened out of no where!” But then with some probing questions we figure it out…

Would you want to be startled awake by someone jumping on you?

Would you want a stranger running up to you yelling in your face?

Would you want someone to be pulling your hair or poking you?

The answer is probably no. Dogs communicate ALL THE TIME. But it’s often missed.

Prevention is the best way to protect you and your dog from a dog bite. Learn your dog. Look for signs. But also follow these tips, and share the info!! Some people aren’t “dog people” and just don’t know what is/isn’t okay. Knowledge is power!!


Prince got neutered and now he’s all about showing off his assets 🤣

He is doing great, as you can see, and is looking for his forever home! He’s a silly goofball of a boy and could certainly bring some fun into your life!

If you’re looking for a new pal, this is your guy! For more information please email us at!

#patraspittyproject #rescuerehabadopt #teamprince


📣 We have a new member of the PPP Family 📣

Meet Prince!!!

Prince is approximately 1.5 years old, pitbull mix. He is great with people, kids, and other dogs. He came to us as an owner surrender. They don’t have time for him anymore. He has not been taken on a walk since last year and primarily was living in his crate.

This sweet boy is looking for a foster or adopter! He will be getting neutered and will be up to date on all vetting soon.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Prince please email us at or

#patraspittyproject #rescuerehabadopt #teamprince


❤️🐾 Tillie’s Valentine’s Day Love Story 🐾❤️

Tillie came to Patra’s Pitty Project with a broken heart… figuratively and literally….

In her short five years of life she had been used over and over as a backyard breeders source of income. She had at least five litters, probably more. Every time she was used for her babies. She went through pregnancy which is risky in a little hippo her size, and then delivery which is riskier, just to have her babies ripped away. Over and over and over. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she was dumped by her “owner” when she was no longer useful to him.

She came to us as a scared, anxious, heartbroken girl. But we vowed to change her life for her.

Tillie arrived at her foster home and almost immediately transformed into a new dog. She learned how to play with toys, trust humans, and have fun with fur pals.

But then we found out she had numerous heart conditions. Because we had no idea how long she had issues, or how serious they were impacting her life, we decided to wait to have spayed and adopted. Then our poor girl got a serious uterine infection and had to have surgery. And if that wasn’t enough, her body rejected the stitches and her wound opened. Finally, weeks and weeks later, she has fully healed.

And now, the best part of this story is that we can finally announce that Tillie has been adopted by her foster Mom and Dad!!! We knew the day she met her Momma, Parker, that she was never leaving them. And we couldn’t have asked for a better foster family for our girl. Their love and dedication to her has surely gotten her to where she is today.

Tillie’s heart is no longer the shattered, broken one that it was. She is healthier than she’s ever been, and her heart is so full with love.

We are so incredibly happy for Tillie and her “new” family. We love you little hippo!!!

#patraspittyproject #rescuerehabadopt #thisiswhywedoit


Happy Valentine’s Day 🐶😘


Don’t forget to join us next Saturday at Quite Fetching Barkery and Pet Boutique from 11am to 3pm for our Pitty Party!!

Make sure to bring your Pitty Pal to join in the fun!!!


When you’ve been with your foster for three days and you’re already making yourself right at home ❤️🐾❤️🐾

#thisiswhywedoit #louie #patraspittyproject


Welcome to Patra’s Pitty Project Louie (tan) and Bella (black)!!!!

More info to come on these two as they settle in with their fosters!!

#patraspittyproject #rescuerehabadopt #freedomride



PPP alumni Zeus has his game face on for today’s Super Bowl!!! He’s hoping the New England Patriots win today so he can get a new shirt!!

#newenglandpatriots #SuperBowl #patsnation #patraspittyproject




Today’s weather is extremely dangerous for our furry pals! It’s important to remember that when temperatures drop, and wind increases, it’s best for our pals to not to have prolonged exposure outside.

Here are two informational posts about how to keep your dog and cats safe during harsh winter weather!

PS… this goes to our human pals as well! Bundle up, and make sure you’re being safe outside!!


Is your dog hungry???? Do they need more snacks in their life?? Check out sun dog snacks! Pick Patra’s Pitty Project at check out and 50% of your sale will go right to the rescue 😱


We cannot thank our friends at The Rusty Tank Animal Aid enough for their very generous donation to the rescue! Thank you so very much!!!!


Pupdate on our alumni Lola!!!

From her Dad: “Lola is an absolute love and we can’t begin to explain how much we all LOVE her. She really came out of her shell after the first two weeks and she fit right in with our family. She’s a sweet, happy dog who loves to snuggle, sleep, eat, and play. She LOVES her siblings (both human and fury). She loves her toys – we buy tough chew toys from Bullymake. She also loves stuffed toys – she doesn’t rip them apart like our other pibbles. She just kind of sucks on them – which is super cute. And she LOVES going for rides!”


The struggle is real



Snickers, now Otto, is doing great! He’s enjoying life with his parents and fur-sister Maggie! He celebrated his 1st Birthday and enjoyed a Frosty Paws! He is quite the chewer and loves Buffalo Horns the most. We are so happy to see him settled in and enjoying his life!


Good morning from Patra’s newest edition to the pack, Freddy!!!


If you are a furloughed government employment and need assistance with feeding your pets please contact us or our friends at Pibble’s Kibbles!! Please feel free to message us and we can get you in contact or you can reach out directly. 🐶🥩




🎶No, I don’t want no scrubs🎶🎶


Don’t mess with my dogs 👊


Nom nom nom


ME:⤵️🙋‍♀️😘😘🍾🍾Happy New Year🍾Everyone 2019❤


Congratulations ouR Zeus at Patra’s Pitty Project who received the most votes for 2018 Golden Pibble. It was a very close race and Bentley at CARE, Southcoast, Annabelle at Animal Rescue Network of New England and Buster at Second Chance Ranch Rescue NH all received lots of love in the voting. Each rescue will be receiving a donation and appreciation for doing a great job with these pups.


Zeus had a tough day 🤦🏻‍♀️


Our friends over at Sun Dog Snacks are doing a fun competition for some local rescues. Each day you can vote for the pup of your choice! Please Vote for Zeus!!


Merry Christmas 🎄 from Patra’s Pitty Project!!

2018 was a great year for us! Opening in June was not what we were planning, but because of all of YOU, we were able to open early and start helping those pups in need months ahead of schedule.

In 6 short months we brought 8 pups into the rescue: Tucker (Fritzy), Bruno, Akali, Daeny, Snickers, Tillie (Bonnie), Zeus, and Lola (Chrissy)!

We simply could not have done this without the unwavering support of our PPP Family!!

From the bottom of our hearts we want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!

~ Maggie, Lindsey, Corinne, Laura, Kim, Brianna, And Marissa.

12*22*2018 When your foster mom makes you go to(Fake🤣) SEARS for xmas pics🤣
⛄Happy Holidays!🎅