Foster Program

Fostering a dog in need is a vital part of animal rescue. By fostering, you are providing a loving home for a dog that is waiting to find their forever home. During this process you are fulfilling the dog’s basic needs by providing a home, food, water, and most importantly, love.

The time frame for how long you will have the dog varies from dog to dog. Some dogs are not with us very long, while others are. However, if you have a vacation planned, or need a break, just let us know and we will accommodate your needs. We also provide all of the vetting and supplies for the dog. The only out of pocket expense for you is dog food, and treats. Any out of pocket funds that you spend are tax-deductible as they are a donation to the rescue, and we can provide you with the tax information that you need.

Fostering is not always easy, as each dog comes with their own personal history. However, seeing the transformation and being part of their journey is incredibly rewarding.

To foster with Patra’s Pitty Project, the process is similar to that of adopting. Please take your time filling out the foster application, the more we know you, the better we can fit you with a foster dog.

Once the application is submitted, a foster coordinator will be in contact with you and will go over all of the aspects of fostering and any questions you may have. A home visit will also be scheduled.

Please download and save the foster application to your computer (you may need to enable editing) and email it to or fill out the form below!

Foster Application