Volunteering is another way to get involved with our rescue.  If you are unable to foster but still want to be involved, this is for you. We are always looking for new volunteers to help with processing applications, transporting to and from events or appointments, helping with walking and socializing dogs, and helping with events.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please fill out the volunteer application and our volunteer coordinator will be in touch:

Please download and save the volunteer application to your computer (you may need to enable editing) and email it to volunteer@patraspittyproject.org or fill out the form below:

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application

    Thank you for your interest in joining our volunteer team at Patra’s Pitty Project. We know that there are many other organizations to choose from, and we are happy that you have chosen ours! Please take your time and fill out this application.

  • All About You

  • References (Please provide two, one being non-family)

  • I have filled out this application honestly and understand that any false information or omission of information can result in my being denied as a volunteer with Patra’s Pitty Project. I also understand that if it is found after I am a volunteer that I have falsified or omitted any information, that my volunteering with Patra’s Pitty Project will be terminated.
  • Patra’s Pitty Project Volunteer Agreement and Release and Waiver of Liability

  • As a volunteer with Patra’s Pitty Project, I am fully aware that some volunteer roles will be in direct contact with dogs of various ages, breeds, activity levels, and behaviors. I agree to release Patra’s Pitty Project and any of its employees, volunteers, managers, directors, or owners of any and all liability. I am aware that with the nature of working with rescue dogs there is a possibility for bodily injury, and personal property damage. I agree to release Patra’s Pitty Project and any of its employees, volunteers, managers, directors, or owners of any and all liability. I agree that as a volunteer of Patra’s Pitty Project, I am representing the organization and I agree to always represent myself and the rescue in a professional manner. I understand that any unprofessional behavior of any kind will not be tolerated. I expressly assume any and all risks associated with volunteering for Patra’s Pitty Project.
  • I, the undersigned, wish to participate as a volunteer with the Patra’s Pitty Project, a non-profit organization. As a volunteer, I understand that there is a potential risk involved while participating in events/volunteer duties. Volunteer duties include, but are not limited to, transporting live animals, performing evaluations on live animals, overseeing/conducting meet and greets with live animals and potential foster or adoptive families, providing medical care to live animals, fostering live animals, performing meet and greets with multiple live animals, walking live animals, temporarily caring for live animals, doing home visits with or without live animals, processing applications, entering data, being present and handling live animals at adoption events or fundraising events, etc.  I understand that Patra’s Pitty Project represents the temperament of each dog to the best of our knowledge however animals can be very unpredictable. I understand that Patra’s Pitty Project board members, volunteers, foster families and affiliates are not responsible for the behavior, response, or action of any animal in any given situation whether or not alleged to be caused or contributed to by the NEGLIGENCE of Patra’s Pitty Project or its volunteers.  I acknowledge the risks involved in adopting or taking custody of rescue animals or any animals due to their natural propensities.  As a volunteer I will follow every safety precaution to keep myself, the animals and others safe.  I understand that I handle all animals at my own risk.  I also understand that I volunteer and participate in events at my own risk.  I voluntarily and knowingly sign this waiver, releasing Patra’s Pitty Project, and its board members, volunteers, foster families and affiliates of any and all liability, expense, damage, loss or cost as a result of any claim brought against Patra’s Pitty Project whether as a result of negligence, willful action or recklessness. I will not hold Patra’s Pitty Project liable for any emotional, physical, personal or property damage suffered while volunteering, both directly and/or indirectly. I further agree that no other person, including but not limited to a spouse, family member, friend or other volunteer/member on my behalf, will hold Patra’s Pitty Project liable for any accident, damage, bodily injury or even death (including attorney’s fees) that arises from my voluntary service for Patra’s Pitty Project.