Where Are They Now?

Our rescue was named after Queen Patra who went onto the Rainbow Bridge in July 2018.

“May every sunrise bring you hope…May every sunset bring you peace.” Patra’s sunrise, her hope, started the day that she met Maggs Pitty. There was an unspoken bond, a silent conversation between the two of them that was like a dance. She knew instantly, that Maggie was her hope. When she came home, she claimed everything as hers, which is why she is The Queen. She fell in love with her humans, her furry siblings, and her very own toddler bed. She settled in, and showed her true colors- a sweet, gentle, old soul- that just wanted to be loved. The morning after her first night, she woke to a full, happy home. She was spoiled, she was loved. And for 1,124 more sunrises, Patra had a life full of hope. July 10, 2018 was Patra’s sunset. She had a strong fight with cancer, but it was time for her to rest. And to run pain free. This rescue was founded based on Patra’s story; a picture on PetFinder setting the wheels in motion. Meeting her in the shelter, and starting the journey that she deserved. She was the underdog. And all she was waiting on was her hope. Maggie was her hope. We will continue our mission of always fighting for the underdog, and helping those dogs in need. We will continue to rescue in Patra’s name.

Run free over the Rainbow Bridge sweet girl, run free.

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We are beyond excited to announce that our dear boy Louie has finally found his forever home!!! Sometimes it takes a bit to find the *perfect* match for a rescue dog, but this family was well worth the wait. Louie has two new furry siblings Cooper and Lily and an amazing Mom and Dad who love him dearly!! Congratulations to Louie and his new family!!! 

??We are so excited to announce that our sweet girl Harley has been adopted!! Please help us congratulate her and her new Dad, John!!! ??


We are so excited for Captain and his pawrents!!! This little guy is going to have an incredibly amazing life!! Congratulations!!!!

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We are so happy to announce that our Cowboy has officially been adopted!!

Congratulations to Ross and Cowboy!! We couldn’t be happier for the both of you!!

We want to send a special thank you to Cowboy’s foster, Danielle, for helping Cowboy blossom into the amazing dog he is! He needed to learn that people were not going to hurt him. With her love, and kindness, she transformed a shy country boy into a city loving pup!

We are beyond thrilled to announce that our sweet boy Jaxson has officially been adopted!!!! He has fur siblings and human siblings and two amazing parents!! He sure hit the jackpot!!

Congratulations Duggan Family!!!

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We are are so incredibly happy to announce that our sweet boy Prince has found his forever family with his fur-brother Brady and his new parents!!

Congratulations Silva family!!!


Bella was a truly special pup for us. We felt the moment that we met her that she was so similar to Patra, the rescue’s namesake.

Bella needed time to settle in after being surrendered. She was so scared to be alone, and truly was a nervous girl. But with time and patience, and lots of love, Bella blossomed into an incredibly secure, confident girl.

We know that her senior years are going to be spent being nothing but loved by her new Dad and fur-sister!!!

Congratulations James, Susie Q, and Bella!!!

❤️?Tillie’s Valentine’s Day Love Story ?❤️

Tillie came to Patra’s Pitty Project with a broken heart… figuratively and literally….

In her short five years of life she had been used over and over as a backyard breeders source of income. She had at least five litters, probably more. Every time she was used for her babies. She went through pregnancy which is risky in a little hippo her size, and then delivery which is riskier, just to have her babies ripped away. Over and over and over. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she was dumped by her “owner” when she was no longer useful to him.

She came to us as a scared, anxious, heartbroken girl. But we vowed to change her life for her.

Tillie arrived at her foster home and almost immediately transformed into a new dog. She learned how to play with toys, trust humans, and have fun with fur pals.

But then we found out she had numerous heart conditions. Because we had no idea how long she had issues, or how serious they were impacting her life, we decided to wait to have spayed and adopted. Then our poor girl got a serious uterine infection and had to have surgery. And if that wasn’t enough, her body rejected the stitches and her wound opened. Finally, weeks and weeks later, she has fully healed.

And now, the best part of this story is that we can finally announce that Tillie has been adopted by her foster Mom and Dad!!! We knew the day she met her Momma, Parker, that she was never leaving them. And we couldn’t have asked for a better foster family for our girl. Their love and dedication to her has surely gotten her to where she is today.

Tillie’s heart is no longer the shattered, broken one that it was. She is healthier than she’s ever been, and her heart is so full with love.

We are so incredibly happy for Tillie and her “new” family. We love you little hippo!!!

Zeus went to his forever home!! Zeus is a special pup with a sad start, but we know he has the brightest future ahead him! He will be spending his days with his Mom at her horse farm, and laying his head down at night spoiled in love. We are so happy for Zeus and the Reilly family!!!

Congratulations to the Brennan family on their adoption!! Miss. Lola has found her furever family!!!

We are so happy to announce that Akali and Daeny have been adopted!!! They have three human siblings and even a new furry friend!!We are so excited for the girls and couldn’t have asked for a better family!!Congratulations to the Lund family!!

Snickers came to Patra’s Pitty Project as an owner surrender. He bought from a breeder and given as a gift to a family member that did not want a dog. Snickers was only 8 months old and needed a to find a home with a nice family. Well lucky for him he found human and canine siblings! Here he is with his new Fur-sister Maggie! Happy life little guy!

Our first Adoption Fritzy has gone to his forever home! Fritzy is the reason why we opened early. His story grabbed at our hearts and we simply couldn’t say no. Fritzy was an owner surrender from a very bad situation. At 8 months old he had never seen a veterinarian and is severely underweight. Knowing he was not being cared for, we had to step in. Fritzy is quite the character! He is a ball of love, but keeps things interesting with that puppy personality.  Fritzy has shown us that he is very resilient. He loves dogs and people. Here is Fritzy with his new Mom & Dad.